Our Drainage Solutions & Excavation Services

Drainage Solutions & Excavation


Drainage is a huge problem in central Missouri.  With the terrain and the dense development, new construction from neighboring properties and the runoff create new problems for other people. Most drainage problems can be corrected by simple redirection of water or correcting issues that are present. These can be simply cleaning gutters, adding or installing larger downspouts, and proper slope of soil away from structures.  Sometimes these simple solutions are not enough and we have installed complex french drainage systems or using catch basins and sump pump systems to move water away. Mechanical systems can solve problems, but the best solutions are always gravity and non-mechanical because these will always function and never break when installed properly.  The best systems will only work if done properly, some of the simple things that continue to make our systems work for years is the use of quality landscape fabrics.  Landscape fabrics keep soil from clogging up the free space in drainage rock in a french drainage system and when the free space is clogged the pipe usually becomes clogged as well and stops functioning.  We realize that most people lead busy lives and do not have the time to maintain the many complex issues around the house, so we design systems that need little to no maintenance and will work forever.

Excavation for residences or projects is what we do!  Digging for retaining walls, patios, concrete footings, water & sewer lines, septic tanks, septic laterals and propane tanks.  We are licensed and insured and are careful when digging close to utility lines.  We are a certified traditional and advanced septic installer.  Digging water lines into houses or commercial buildings, sewer lines repaired or replaced and drainage solutions from digging in downspout pipes to yard drainage and french drains.  Let us help control the water away from your home or business.  We cannot control water but we can direct water away from structures through various means.  We have chippers to remove concrete pads,  a mini excavator for smaller projects and rubber tracked bobcat to minimize damage to your yard.  We also have a large backhoe for those bigger jobs and a highlift for job site clearing or some serious excavation.  Let us know how we can help.

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