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Snow Removal

Snow Removal is just a term when it comes to liability. This is so much more than the removal of snow, it is limiting your exposure and risk. We talk to our clients and will do what they require but also talk to them about ice control, large snowfall and ice events and chemicals to treat their sidewalks and parking lots. Chemicals are the most effective way to limit your risk, but like most things you get what you pay for. Cheap chemicals start with your basic rock salt( Sodium Chloride) and continue with more expensive blended ice melts to chemicals that are the most expensive but least harmful to your lawn and concrete/asphalt/pavers with Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride and Potassium Chloride. We perform these services with Trucks with plows, bulk spreaders, tailgate spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, shovels and then the large equipment such as backhoes, bobcats and dump trucks if needed. We have also contracted with other companies and used motorgraders and other backhoe’s when large snowfall events have occurred. I have seen 4 large snowfall events in the central Missouri area in my lifetime and we have been doing snow removal for 3 of those events. We plan for these large events when we purchase equipment, because we know equipment is going to break and it will break during these large events. ┬áSo it is very important to be able to pull plows off of trucks and switch them and vice versa. Many times these large events overwhelm smaller companies that only have 1 truck and plow and they start calling other companies to take care of their accounts.

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